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How Does Tattooing Really Work?

how-tattooing-really-worksIt is kind of scary to think about getting a tattoo especially if you don’t know how tattooing really works. A permanent ink is injected in to the skin rapidly with a series of tiny punctures. Scary?

Contrary to popular belief tattooing is not really done by using 1 needle puncturing the skin like a giant hypodermic needle full of ink. It is a collection of tips for a line, and another group collection for the shading. The ink is released under the surface of the dermis, the second layer of skin.

After you have your cool design, generally your artist will apply a stencil to the skin as reference.The tattoo will most likely be applied in long continuous strokes, and the skin should be kept lubricated with ointment during the entire session.

Take care in selecting a shop that uses clean, sterile products individual to every client. Machines should be sterilized properly as well as the work station area. It never hurts to go to your shop of choice for a visit before you get your tattoo. They won’t mind.

Take a look at the cool video below for a better view – close up, to learn how does tattooing really work.


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