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Strong Horse Tattoos


Horse Tattoos represent strength, freedom, independence and free spirit. A well placed drawing can become a strong statement of emotion and a very influential piece. Most people enjoy looking at horses, and horses are a popular choice for large body art. Take this one for instance, see how the dreamcatcher surrounding the horse has a certain elegance with the whispy feathers, and the horse’s mane. This is super cool for a lady.


Most of the horse tattoos featured here are larger, suitable for upper arms, torso, leg or back. See how this large piece covers the whole back.


There is little need for an extreme amount of color. Black alone looks great with careful highlighting. The muscles and curves of the horse pop with the little bit of highlighting done here.

cce7de5c81a159b4aabfcc39df11e63aWhether you ride, love horses because they are beautiful or simply want a noble iron horse tattoo for the symbolism choosing a good artist is critical. While horses are strong and muscular, a badly placed line can ruin a great design. So, do your homework before taking on a large tattoo – once it’s there it’s almost impossible to cover.


Many horse tattoos feature Native American themes with turquoise, feathers, mountains and lots of wind. Some riders appreciate a tribute piece of art to represent their trusted horse friend. Horses with roses, or horseshoes and quotes can make for a gorgeous piece of art.


Big skies, mountains, and pines make for great accompaniments to a horse tattoo.


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