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Unusually Unique 3D Tattoos

Wow, artwork involved with creating 3D Tattoos can be highly detailed and time consuming. These brave clients have taken the responsibility of wearing these amazing 3D pieces permanently. From realistic bullet holes to zippers in the arms and hands, the variety is vast.

It is truly unusual at the creativity from these artists to create such realistic Tattoos. Kind of makes you wonder what the clients were thinking once they asked for or agreed to wear some of this artwork bordering on gory and bloody to super realistic.

Take a look, you know you want to!

3D lady portrait tattoo

Size aside, the portrait uses much shading to enhance the facial features of the lady’s portrait. Great detail creates the dark inset areas on this very large, full back 3D tattoo.

Exposed laced corset 3D tattoo

Another full back design features an exposed skeletal structure nestled behind a skin carved laced corset. The detailed structure spills out at the top, and is bordered by blossoms. Unlikely combinations in this design give it a strange appeal to make one want to reach out and tighten the corset.

Bullet holes 3D tattoo

The scattered designs seem random surrounding these front bullet holes tattoos. Imagine the look on the face of an emergency room worker when they peel away this guy’s shirt!

Bulging Belly Buttons tattoo

From the back, to the front torso and chest, to the bulging belly buttons! So funny really! I suppose this bulging belly could get away with being exposed and appear clothed. Save this one for when you need a good belly laugh, lol! OK, OK, enough belly jokes…. Moving on.

Stone carved 3d arm tattooAlthough massive for an arm tattoo, this stone carved 3D design has it’s appeal. Notice the great shading around the top and the stone inset design. The dark shading must’ve taken a while as did the great amount of intricate art all around the edges. Very masculine style.

Skeleton cards and grimm reaper

Four aces, a very good hand… this arm 3D tattoo has a tattered hood over a partial skeleton with his eye on you!

Gladiator eyes 3D tattoo

Check out this Gladiator helmet over this hopeful looking set of blue mesmerizing eyes. It is hard to turn away from this battle worn face.

Tattoo perfection 3D tattoo

This 3D tattoo is small but makes a big statement with the deep shading and details surrounding this chain-like, bicep tattoo.

Bicep eye tattoo

I’m suspicious of this one since it has so much detail. Looks photoshopped, maybe? This eyeball tattoo has some realistic black and white artwork.

Zipper back tattoo scar cover

This scar is surrounded by a unique zipper tattoo. Looks as realistic as a real zipper suitable for an appendix scar like this one.

Tattoo perfection hand zipper

We go from zipper Tattoos that cover scars to zippers that appear to open and close the fingers on a hand. While highly unusual, you must admit this 3D tattoo is definitely unique.

Exposed bone foot tattoo

Moving from hand tattoos to gory exposed bones in the feet. This foot tattoo is a very realistic representation of muscle and bones exposed with torn away skin, yikes!

Hook in foot tattoo

Well, this isn’t exposed bones and muscles, but it is still a little painful look at. The folks at the fishing pier would definitely do a double take with this hook in the foot tattoo.

Architectural woodwork tattoo

This amazing scrollwork in this leg tattoo would be the envy of a skilled craftsman. How about the details in this architectural woodwork tattoo with the black background that pushes the design to the surface.

Whatever 3D tattoo you choose consider the content carefully, because bullet holes and exposed bones might not always bring you satisfaction 20 years from now.

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