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25 Beautiful Wrist Tattoos For Women


This wrist tattoo is simple, but elegant. “Two bracelets” hang daintily along the wrist.


“Too beautiful for earth” The wings are nice. Maybe the words could be smaller. Not that this one does, but be careful to not have a wrist tattoo that sounds like a cheesy pick-up line.


This is a cool idea for wrist tattoos to share as a couple. You’ll always have the “key to my heart”.


“Love among the stars” Six colorful stars surround the Love in the heart.


“I can do all things Ph 4:13” Scripture and Bible Verses are always an inspiring option.


“Where words fail Music speaks” For the musician or singer this is a nice expression.


“Dainty cherry blossoms” tattooed gently around the wrist like a bracelet. This would be nice with a small portion of the flowers tattooed on the inside of the wrist only too.


“Faith and a cross” This small tattoo is a great representation of this lady’s Christian faith with the cross and the heart dotted “i” in “faith”.


“Pink bow” Talk about realism! This cute pink bow makes you want to reach for the tassle to untie it. With the play of shadows along the bottom the bow pops right off the wrist.

bae67817228c2f4b9bd1d23be8eb5f6e “Twisted fern” Whispy and delicate fern leaf wraps around the wrist in black for a simple elegant tattoo.


“I surrender” Wow, this is really a statement piece in few words! Tired of running? You might want to give this one a try.

1444b2c7dd81089f05f49865910d718c“Mandala in black” For a traditional lacey mandala that wraps the wrist this is beautiful. Looks like a Victorian dress sleeve.


Can go wrong with flowers. This “black roses with white highlights” tattoo is classy, small and very detailed.


“Play the moments, pause the memories, stop the pain, replay the happiness” describes the makings of a happy life.

21d0fb1a0fc03f44077f216747d0dad7 “Fearless” Words with great meaning are popular choices for wrist tattoos for women. This one is followed by a heart.

9c7afac9ffb04b4b600d2acf7a916b53“Dandelions blowing in the wind” Dandelions have a gentleness about them. This one is simple in black.


“Stay Strong” With this powerful statement in a strong font you’re sure to have purpose wearing this wrist art. Perfect as an encouraging piece.


“Let it be” Speaking words of wisdom, let it be…..


“Believe in yourself” Nice way to boost your self confidence, believe in yourself. Nice font too.

0a26b2681c36cf4fda31276eca1dd52d“Mandala cuff in black” Another pretty mandala traditional style cuff for the wrist.


Whatever you may choose for a wrist tattoo, make sure it is something you are happy with in color, design, size and style. Make sure if you use words or verses the spelling is correct BEFORE the tattoo artist starts the design! It will be visible to you constantly on the wrist, so size is very important as well as the placement.

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